You have to admit– these are the days when you type keywords from the frame of your customer’s mind that they would use in Google while scanning local results searching for your site.  

Well, every emerging business in India employ a pack of local SEO services for competing in a local market and for getting displayed in local SERPs should finally understand that local SEO has plenty of nuances which are very specific to local, there are also a lot of other aspects than regular SEO that play a crucial role in local rankings in Google.

And Yes!  Since Local SEO has seen the biggest shake-up from the time Google launched their first local algorithm, it is going to be even more important for local businesses to work on organic SEO.

Then perhaps it’s time you ditch working on the site and look at what you’ve done so far. It’s the time to put your brains on some tactical things you can do to market your business and increase your local SEO presence.  Look at the signals below Google has been giving us:

  1. Perform A Local SEO Audit:

Local SEO Services India

There are several categories to which local SEO audit can be broken down: The basic one that are essential to local SEO success are:

  • Google My Business page audit
  • Website & landing page audit
  • Citation analysis
  • Organic link & penalty analysis
  • Review analysis
  • Social analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Ongoing strategy

Analyzing these factors will help you in building strategies with a much better picture as far as competition is concerned.

  1. Put Your Time And Money On Traditional Organic Ranking Factor:

Always invest in local SEO services in India that uses conventional organic ranking factors. It’s no secret that Google’s algorithm is getting more sophisticated every year that clearly states we have to tighten our belts to provide a great search experience, as well as a great user experience.

Below is a list of common on-page errors that hurt or hinder your local SEO efforts:

  • Not having a mobile-friendly website then, explore this amazing post by Zhi Yuan on 10 simple ways to make your website mobile-friendly, watch here!
  • Having slow site speed
  • Having a lot of 404 errors
  • 404 ErrorMissing title tags
  • Not taking advantage of hyper-local images and videos

Local Images & Videos

  1. Optimize your Website:

Your website’s health is the lifeblood to your rank on search engine.  So, make sure your website is more search engine friendly.

Local Ranking Factors

All these website factors described above are very crucial for rankings. But a website makes up a lot more through On-page signals. A single On-page optimization mistake can derail your whole SEO campaign.

What follows downright are the most common mistakes that you might be making.

  • Using the same page titles and Meta descriptions on multiple pages that make it irrelevant to the content on the pages. And search engines never display results that are irrelevant to the keywords a user is searching for.
  • Writing Page Titles and Meta Descriptions That Are Too Long.
  • Other common mistakes like using multiple <H1> tags, having multiple pages with very little content, keyword repetition in the same content.

Fixing them will, almost certainly, and within a couple of weeks, result in improvements in your site’s rankings.

Nonetheless, local SEO is a long-term investment and you have to stick with it for better results. SEONerds is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Indore, India which provides strategic and organic Local SEO services in India and other countries at most affordable rates than anywhere, click here to know more!