Just about a year ago in April 2012, Google spinned out its first generation of Penguin update. Penguin was primarily designed to perk up the search results for the online browsers. Penguin updates primary targets were those websites which have been over-optimized with an uneven quantity of spammy or schemed links. This spin out hit certain websites harder than the others, and numerous webmasters and SEO professionals spent several weeks cleaning up their websites and redeveloping their web profiles. Google’s Penguin update has been silently working secretly, evaluating the websites and discovering the ones having an over-abundance of spammy links. Today, exactly a year later, it seems like the next generation of Penguin updates .i.e., Penguin 2.0 has started to elongate its wings and warm up its algorithmic muscles.

Penguin 2.0 fetched the majority of web marketing headlines from the last two weeks with Matt Cutts, exaggeration and alarm motivating numerous SEO professionals to anticipate the worst before it actually gets materialized. Now, after the Penguin 2.0 launch, even though there are sufficient evidences to support restricted panic, SEONerds actually discovered the majority of websites managed to survive the major challenges of this update and some websites had no impact at all.

What Does Penguin 2.0 Mean to SEO Professionals and Webmasters?

Evidently, the Penguin 2.0 is striving to make it even more difficult to escape with spammy link strategies. SEO Nerds’ SEO professionals perfectly assesses the websites of online businesses of all sizes and niches and clean them up completely before this next generation of Penguin comes into action. Trust us it is way better to stand in front of the Penguin rather than staying behind it and through removing spammy links from your websites we will restrict the prospective damage made to your web-page rankings till the latest update gets completely into action. This is the perfect time to freshen up your inbound link profile.

Here Is SEO Nerds Twisted Predictions, Strategies And Solutions On Prospective SEO Challenges To Deal With Soon:

  • Ideal Content Knock: We have started focusing on new facets of duplicate content over the simple patterns as top search engines are going to look into websites to spot the similarities amid the content on algorithmically identical topics to evaluate an exceptional value. SEONerds believes that this will influence the websites having user generated story-type content, geo-based constitution and huge product datasets. We strongly recommend website owners to conduct an all-inclusive website content audit, combines everything which appears, feels or tastes identical, do perfect optimization of these combined web-pages and 301 redirects from old to latest.
  • SEO Repairs: Top search engines are going to identify the short-term fixes which are merely placed especially for the search engines and not for the users. There won’t be any ‘instant fixes’ or placeholder repairs, just enduring and user-based design and development ideas. Website owners cannot do anything without performing a user-centric evaluation, generation and execution of proper and ethical SEO practices. On-site content, delivery methods and platform will now line up with consumer goals and perspective to meet their needs, opportunity and customized experience.
  • Wrecked Flipper Concentration: Those websites having extremely different topic will soon encounter visibility issues because the top search engines seek an additional focused expertise and thought control on certain topics. Websites which hunt for becoming ‘one-stop-shops’ are going to encounter challenges since smaller field websites earn traction based on comprehensible messaging, authorship power and user signals of contentment. Search queries are now going to be directed towards topic experts, not cumulative and anonymous websites. Website owners now require evaluating website topics and developing silos of skills driven through professional personalities. Since top search engines hunt for associating famous identities to famous entities, an identity’s digital footprint maintains the topic skill and allow the website owners to grow ‘flipper focus’ for driving a website’s online visibility in search results.
  • Penguin within Headlights Paralysis: Website owners, marketing executives and stakeholders are going to get trapped within the headlights of the accessibility of huge real-time datasets and try to blindly respond to SEO each day without actually having adequate relevant data to take perfect decisions. Search engines will now observe the action of numerous frequent alterations as a manipulation signal and penalize websites that make these intransigent updates on the basis of the search engine’s perception of the cause. Website owners must make sure that the larger availability and real-time closeness of information is an ending to a means and not an improved decision enabler. Intelligent SEO professionals and webmasters will now leverage synchronized data to maintain or inform the historical or trend datasets letting them to deem all the expected scenarios for minimalistically defective SEO strategies, tools and SEO services.
  • Backend Ache: Top search engines will now introduce strict definitions of better user experience about website performance, pace and availability. The Google webmaster tools and Google Analytics can help you develop its reporting to showcase server data like server response, assessed server load, page components’ load, successive requests and other web-page, website and server performance and much more. Website owners must employ Google’s existing toolset to assist in recognizing and resolving website speed and performance problems. Website owners need to constantly monitor Google webmaster tools and Google Analytics performance facts regularly and leverage website pinging tools to make sure website availability and content delivery pace is best for a vast user experience. For huge websites, load balancing, geo-based delivery, cloud-services or CDN delivery must be considered and regularly tested to authenticate that users’ experience will stay within the acceptable parameters. Employ Google’s PageSpeed Insights to evaluate individual URLs.

SEONerds’ in-house SEO professionals never look at the Google’s Penguin updates as a penalty because Google is just trying to drive the webmasters into offering resourceful content for their online users. The process might often prove to be frustrating, but will ultimately lead to an improved online experience for the users and SEO professionals.