There are numerous factors such as website structure, site maps, user experience, alt tags on images and much more that contribute to a website for reaching and sustaining top positions in search results for targeted keywords.

Besides all these significant factors, content is certainly still the king.  Although, not all sorts of content can rule over the SERPs kingdom. SEO professionals need to concentrate more on content marketing to become successful today as unique content creation and augmentation supports leads generation and connects your existing customers to several digital channels instantly.

Have A Look At The Following Resourceful Content Creation Tips For 2013 To Help Your Website Rank Higher On Search Engines:

  • Always create content keeping your users in mind and optimize the content for search engine robots.
  • Slot in relevant keywords using synonyms, combinations and grammatical variation in your content.
  • Avoid worrying about the keyword density.
  • Never stuff keywords always place keywords properly in the content.
  • Create long, comprehensive, unique and top-quality content.
  • Make use of Google’s free SEO tools to explore and choose numerous keyword variations to amalgamate within your website copy.
  • Always target top-quality keywords having low competition.
  • Create informative content.
  • Bring your content under notice through sharing it on popular social media channels.
  • Aim to create your AuthorRank and expand your Google+ profile

Content marketing is called the “new SEO” today because it magnetizes relevant back-links and provides value to the reader, provided that your content is unique, brilliantly penned and gets extensively shared, published and spread.

Basing 2013 Internet Marketing Stratagem On Content Can Be A Fruitful Bet For SEO Professionals:

  • Localization: Top search engines now are fond of the local websites and are expected to do the same in the near future. Local maps, reviews or listings on information websites ensure top rankings for your website in local searches.
  • Mobile Optimisation: Although, mobile friendly websites never influence SEO directly, millions of users are using their smart phones and tablets to browse through online and websites that does not facilitate trouble-free browsing on mobiles, tablets and smart phones are going to be hopped by the users.
  • Author Rank: Author Rank is a significant metric that helps in deciding SERPs and has speedily surfaced as a popular SEO trend for 2013.
  • Proper Media Usage: Nowadays, videos and images have become a significant part of all sorts of content. This constructive SEO trend in 2013 will make the users expect media over text-only content as it provides the text-only content an additional dimension and makes your website appear more comprehensive.

Now that SEO professionals and professional content writers have embraced the transformations brought about by the Panda, Penguin, EMD and content marketing, the remaining 2013 will showcase the fascinating outcomes brought in by these new SEO trends. While there is no defined recipe to acquire top positions on the top search engines, these constructive SEO tips and trends for 2013 will certainly help pacify both the top search engines and your website visitors.