Since the past couple of years, we have come across many business owners looking all over the web for SEO agencies you can do the “real SEO” instead of wasting your hard-earned money on a wannabe SEO expert.

Most of them do not employ the right approach to optimize a website.There is gigantic sea of resources on the web that can make you aware about what all you need to do for optimizing your website, since there are numerous components and numerous approaches to optimize a website therefore, focus should be laid on how to optimize a website, this is where SEONerds makes a difference over its contemporaries. Any business owner can create a website and acquire some link but most of them do not have any idea about how to create an excellent website for their users, search engines, how to promote it online and much more.

Explore the Following SEO Scenarios and Understand the “Real SEO” With SEONerds:

  • How Not To Do SEO: There are several SEO companies at hundreds of locations across the world that has been following an extremely strategical and systematic approach to SEO. In fact they are actually doing everything which a professional SEO company is supposed to do. Still they are lacking somewhere. The actual problem is that they are extremely busy in running their own businesses and possibly lack in having the proper knowledge of “how” SEO is supposed to be done. Through merely running through a daily, weekly and monthly SEO task checklist they need to do make them bare minimum results. SEONerds strongly believes in delivering value to your website through employing the latest SEO tactics on the basis of your websites’ needs and their massive experience in the SEO industry.
  • How Not To Do Social Media Marketing: With the increasing needs for incorporating a blog into your websites businesses have commenced developing interest and giving importance to creating unique, top-quality and shareable content for their website. Business owners often buy such ideas and hire a random social media marketing company to write articles for their blog and manage their social media promotions across all the popular channels. The problem arises when these companies do what businesses ask them to do but often lack in making some extra efforts and do it a bit innovatively. These hasty decisions and barren social media marketing strategies lead to your blog lacking resourceful and intelligent comments and shares. This is definitely not how social media marketing is supposed to be done. SEONerds lays more emphasis on designing an exceptional blog for their client’s website, prepare content writing/ article writing plans, share features, prepare an editorial calendar and prepare a powerful content promotion plan to gain more grip over your business’s target audiences. We strive to save our clients from paying a hefty amount and focus primarily on increasing their audience engagement and establishing a strong online brand for them.
  • How To Do Link Building: We have encountered numerous clients listing their businesses on various popular local, national and international listing opportunities that have linked back to their websites’ home page instead of directly linking back to the web-pages for that particular location, their address information is listed on their location page and develop blogs using some weird domains which has no grip on acquiring relevant back-links for their websites.

For a novice SEO professional, it might often appear as they have been doing the “real SEO” but they still need to understand how to do the “real SEO”. Keeping pace with understanding on how to do the actual SEO can be done through constant study, detailed analysis, implementations, experiments and years of experience assists SEONerds in delivering productive results to our clients every time. In this constantly evolving and dynamic SEO industry, there are several SEO tactics that would ultimately leads to well-deserved and real online success.