You tweet through your twitter account, hoping that you have hammered something that works and will churn out engagement.

But at the very next moment your social media efforts get you down. Might be you have scads of followers but things just aren’t hot yet. Visitors just skim through your posts and pass by.

No fret! This is a point where you need to switch gears between creating content and editing. It’s the time to tighten the loose ends and to develop a healthy yet professional rapport with your audiences without any pitfalls.

Let’s take a U turn and splatter a sassy snippet in a fantastic way that will actually fine tune your post/tweet.

The Anatomy of Creating a Perfect Twitter Content:

Let’s break down our search with twitter and triumph over those 144 characters.

To Define an Ideal Tweet That Captures the Reader’s Attention, You MUST Have:

  1. A Tweet with Image: If you do not add images then, you are already in a twitter well, where no one take a sneak peek. Hook up your tweet with a powerful image that best represents your message. After tethering this excellent image or digital media bandwagon you can enthuse the reader and accrue their engagement and interaction.  
  2. A Perfectly Conversational Tweet: Your monotonous tone will not ring bells in any ear. Be a communicative enthusiast that keeps things verbose. This laid back writing style having an effusive conversational tone will drive more engagement. You may start tweeting by:
  • Asking Relevant Questions: Take an honest feedback of your target audiences, by asking relevant questions of your products/ services. It may help you to understand your audience and then make a good use of that feedback.
  • By Sharing Most Valuable Information: A good rule of thumb is to share a content that educates, inspires and most importantly entertains.
  • By Keeping The Post Succinct: As noted earlier, try to use the fewest amount of words possible. Thankfully, twitter is born intelligent & has beforehand restricted you with a character limit. But then to that was worth reiterating.
  1. Hashtags That Matches Your Tweet’s Niche: If you want to get noticed, specifically within your target market, start adding Hashtags that give your tweet right context. And it’s worth noting that overdo of Hashtags may funnel you down. Twitter marketing essentials whispers, two hash tags are good for the tweet’s health.

You may stroll on this handy tool to spot the right hash tags to use-

It allows you to do mind mapping of the hash tag you want to use and will also help you to know the popularity of the same. Have a look:

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Now let’s take a leap to Facebook post….

Five Secret Weapons for Writing Engaging and Winsome Facebook Content:

  1. Make your post dominant by using visuals, multimedia to drive more engagement.
  2. Plan and write a long form of content.
  3. Tell a story to make a huge fan base and make them want to read more.
  4. Update your image with a link post.
  5. Publish the post at the peak time.


Be super effective by sharing the content on both the social media giants: Twitter and Facebook respectively, by optimizing it according to the intricacies of your business niche, requirements and goals.